Talents? No.
Business connections? No.
Time? No, no, no!
Money? Absolutely not!

All the above are very important. However, above all else, there is one single most important aspect that would turn on and off the switch for all your potential and that of your businesses.

Your health.

The energy required to support the tightly-strung condition you would constantly find your mind having to face is enormous. Putting yourself in a position outside your comfort zone is not uncommon among the new entrepreneurs. Only a wide-awake and highly-energetic mind with the support of a well-nourished body can perform up to your imaginable height.

To my experiences, there are 1 central principle and 3 areas of particular concern:

THE Central Principle: change your habit

Essentially, your wellness is mostly associated with your habits. Someone used to skip breakfast and have random sleeping session is more likely than not to perform less than those with good eating and sleeping habits. “Simply” getting rid of your bad habits and building new ones is actually very difficult.

How to Get Rid of Bad Habits Once and for All via [Dumb Little Man]

Even though what I usually ask myself to do is to keep it going at least 21 days or 21 times of repetition, there are some myth busting factors. Myth or not, the number of 21 had served me well in establishing the first milestone when it comes to changing the habits.

1st area of concern: FOOD INTAKE

My thoughts on this are:

1). Be 70% full. Don’t overdo it.

2). Reduce your carb intake.

Going against above 2 rules had my energy drained in no time. Sure I can recover with some sleep, but it is a huge waste of time.

2nd Area of concern. Regular Sleeping Pattern

Make a proactive effort to schedule your time. Make an appointment with yourself to sleep. Then make schedule to do all what you got to do around it. This will not only get your body into a predictable rhythm but also transform your ability to nail down task at particular time with all the liveliness in you.


Anything will do. I understand the schedule a lot of us keep. No need to be so picky about the type of the exercise, but preferably something aerobic included. Just find yourself something that you enjoy. If you keep a regular exercise session, energy will be with you always.

If you got any advice of your own, please let me know in the comments.